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Boots Keeper Cell Very Short

For high-cut shoes, rain boots, trekking, skiing and snowboard shoes, sweat and moisture are usually apparent, hence the humidity control works amazingly for these footwears, deodorizing and keeping them in shape when stored.

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Due to the high performance charcoal in both leg and foot part, it controls the smell and moisture really well.

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The mysterious power of “high-temperature carbonized charcoal”.

The photograph shows a magnified image of the charcoal porous which is the main factor behind the highly effective deodorization. The charcoals are fired at a high temperature of 700 – 800 degrees Celcius, hence enhancing the absorption rate to a much wider area. The effect is outstanding.

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The eco-friendly charcoal made using recycled materials such as driftwood.

The high-temperature carbonized charcoals are recycled from raw materials such as driftwood from collapsed dams caused during typhoon and storms and wood from demolished houses. Rather than throwing the wood away, they are remanufactured and recycled with the objective of preserving the environment.

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Sumi Kusa Hana by IOTC

The deodorizing and dehumidifying properties of charcoal are well known. But it took a tie-up between a Tokyo design team, h concept and Toyama prefecture-based IOTC to make charcoal fashionable! Their “Sumi Kusa Hana” line of odor and moisture-fighting products, available in a range of sizes and uses, almost look too good to be called deodorizers.

Each has an attractive non-woven fabric covering with various decorations and motifs. And IOTC’s products are not just beautiful to look at, they are good for the environment as well. The company produces their own charcoal using driftwood collected from Toyama area dams and discarded wood from demolished homes.

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Features & Usage
It is not necessary for the tip of the keeper cell to reach the end of the shoe's toe tip.
The deodorization effect is very noticeable once used.
Use it daily as the absorbed moisture will evaporate once exposed to open air.
Suitable for long term storage, especially leather items.
You can restore the moisture absorption capability by just airing it on a fine weather day.
The effectiveness of the deodorizer depends on the environment it is used in.

Handling Precautions
Please do not wash it.
Do not store it in a high temperature place (80 degrees Celcius or more) such as near a heater.
For long term storage, ensure the boots are dry after cleaning before using the keeper cell.
Do not heat it in the microwave as it may cause fire.

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mds size

Boots Keeper Cell Very Short

mds size


mds size

Product size:Foot 160mm × 200mm Leg
Trunk Circumference: 220mm
Package size:W160×D360×H70mm
Product Weight:340g
Total weight:345g

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Charcoal, non-woven fabric, caulking (nickel), PP sheet, polyester

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Made in Japan (Toyama)

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(RM 72.00) -50% RM 36.00