Upside Down Umbrella

Introducing the UnBRELLA, a revolutionary new umbrella that makes rainy
days fun!
It closes inside out with the wet surface inside, keeping it out of the way
of those around you on crowded trains and the like.
Its reverse design also helps keep you dry whenever you step out of a shop
or your car.
What’s more, when you set it down it can stand on its own without an
umbrella stand!


Push upwards to open like a normal umbrella.
It keeps you dry as you step out of a shop or car.



Since the wet surface is inside, you will not wet your clothes or
The strap can be secured from both left or right side. 使用





Precautsion of Use:

- Do not use it other than its intended purpose.
- You can swing it, but please do not throw.
- Do not place near fire or high heat.
- As there are some pointy edges, please be careful of your surrounding.
- Under strong wind, please use with care to avoid damange or injury.

How to Care:

- After use, please let it dry under a shade.

mds size


mds size

D-870 / D-871

mds size

Product size : W100×D50×H810mm
Ribs are 60cm long 
Product weight : 340g
Total weight (including packaging) : 570g

mds variation

Light Blue, Navy, Turquoise, Pink, White, Yellow

mds mtral

Ribs: Fiberglass, Brass (Chromium lating)
Cloth: 100% Polyester
Handle: ABS

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 385.00) -30% RM 269.50