Sun Flower
Mirror Object

A new type of mirror which you can use by inserting it into your favorite bottle, making your flowers alive.

Sun Flower is a mirror of a new type which you can use by inserting it into your favorite bottle or any beautiful bottle for making your flowers alive. Please enjoy not only pleasure of reflecting yourself, but also taking in the light and creating the light space and the shadows of the light that reflects inside the room.


Afix Sun Flower mirror onto the special bottles you obtained either from your travels or received as a gift that are filled with wonderful memories.

You can also use it as a picture frame, displaying the reflected images of the beautiful scenery from the outside into your interior.

The mirror brings life to other flower decorations.

In addition to reflecting yourself, use it to bring in light and enjoy the unique cast of light and shadow to the space.

It is nice to put dried flowers into the bottle to beautify the space.

Fix it by inserting the soft grip on the back of the mirror into the
mouth of the bottle.
* Recommended bottle caliber size: Φ18 mm.

Japan produced 1.3 mm thin plate mirror (glass) is excellent in high reflectance, clear image and surface durability. A special film is affixed to the mirror preventing scattering of the glass even if it drops by any chance.

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Precautions for Use:

- Do not put this product near the optn flame or in the places with high temperature of where it is exposed to direct sunlight.
- Please use on a flat surface.
- The product should not be dropped or have excessive force applied, as breakage can occur.
- Some objects may not match the caliber of the bottle.
- After inserting it inside the bottle, please use it after making sure it is stable.
- Do not decompose.
- Please do not strongly push the mirror parts.
- Keep out of reach of small children.

Care & Cleaning

- Please wipe the dirt from the hands and dust carefully with a dry soft cloth.
- Do not soak in hot water or neutral detergent or wash it.
- Do not use abrasive cleansers as they can damage the product.


mds size

Sun Flower

mds size


mds size

Product size : Φ186 × H21mm
Recommended bottle caliber size : Φ18mm Package size : W200mm x D25mm x H193mm
Product weight : 195g
Total weight (including packaging) : 210g

mds variation

Yellow, White, Black

mds mtral

Polypropylene, Elastomer, Mirror

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 125.00


mds dpro

トラフ建築設計事務所 鈴野浩一&禿 真哉 

Designer Comment : 
The creation of such idea was triggered by our strong desire to create a product not like a completed one, but rather semi-finished product having fondness as one's own original just by making a slight modification. We propose new possibilities of mirrors that can disperse light, reflect space and make it look wider.

Designer Profile : 
TORAFU ARCHITECTS was established in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro. They have been working on many things using their thinking as architects, including architecturel and interior designs, designing and creating exhibition venue installations, product designs, spatial installations and participating in movie productions. A product called the “Air vase” made within the framework of their paper products design project “KAMI NO KOUSAKUJO” has won the “best of the best” of the “Red Dot Award”, and has received numerous awards both at home and abroad.