Plastic Bag Holder

It is a compact and portable companion in your pocket that is suitable for
outdoor walks, with pets and also grocery shopping.

A mini plastic bag holder that you can carry around conveniently.

Since the body expands according to various sizes of bags, let's reuse shopping bags by carrying them around with you at all times.

Tie it on the stroller.

Great for pet walking or casual strolling.

Carry it with you as a key chain.

For your travel use!

How to use:

Various ways to use a plastic bag that you can conveniently carry along
during your outings.

- For pet walking and casual walks.
- Pack in some tissues in case of hay fever!
- To store garbage during a picnic.
- Tie along a stroller as you go out.
- An emergency eco-bag for grocery shopping.
- Convenient anytime during trips!

How to insert the plastic bag:

As it is made of silicone, it can be expanded and tucked in.

For small bags, 2-3 pieces can be inserted into 1 Pocket.


Precautions for Use:
- Do not expose for long term under direct sunlight. May cause discoloration.
- Avoid thinning agents such as thinner or alcohol. May cause distortion and discoloration.
- Do not use excessive force when stuffing. May risk damaging the pocket.

How to care:
- Wash with PH neutral detergents if dirty and dry well.

Note by manufacturer:
Due to the raw material, the silicone may smell peculiar at first use. The smell will gradually disappear after use.


mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W43×D27×H50mm
Package size : W44×D28×H50mm
Product weight : 14g
Total weight (including packaging) : N/A

mds variation

Green, Orange, Blue, Navy, White, Pink, Light Green, Yellow, Brown, Grey

mds mtral

Silicone, Iron

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 28.00) -30% RM 19.60