Hang up your many photos or postcards without having to poke a hole in the corners of your favourite prints. String a wire across your room and create a gallery of memories. 


Prominently display your favourite postcards. If used with ninja pin, your favourite postcards and photos makes an elegant wall decoration.





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Photo Hanger

mds size


mds size

Packaging size : W38×D1×H22mm
Product Weight : 1g
Total Weight : 10g

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Stainless Steel

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Made in Japan

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(RM 23.00) -50% RM 11.50


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photohanger designer

笹川 寛司
Hiroshi Sasagawa

Born in Chiba in 1984.

2004 Joined Meisei Japanese Culture Faculty of Art and Design Department

We would want to send smiles, joy, surprise to the world through design.

Designer Comment : 
Nothing is sadder than having to make holes in your favorite photos when you hang then up. Instead of using thumbtacks, use a Photo Hanger! Because it's shaped like a hanger, it's perfectly natural to have it hanging on your wall, and they'll even make your room a little cuter and more fashionable. Use them to decorate your room with your favorite photos.