Jam Tori

A spoon made in the form of a bird that can sit on top of the container stably. The shape of its tail makes it easy to scooop and spread the jam. Using it during breakfast or home parties is perfect.


A simple object that compliments any meal with elegance.

The tail shape is easy to scoop.

Perfect for spreading jam.

Great for spreading pâté!

The back of the spoon is flat for easy spreading.

The apperance is also cute when you rest the spoon with the tail in the jar.

Jam Tori is designed to rest afloat on various jar sizes, preventing the spoon from touching the table top.






Caution of Use

- Do not expose to an open flame.
- Do not use in microwave oven.
- Do not keep in the freezer.
- When using a dishwasher, make sure that dishes are not placed on top of the product. The product may bend.

Care and Cleaning

- Wash with a mild detergent using a soft sponge.
- Using a scrub brush or abrasive cleanser may scratch the product.


mds size

Jam Tori

mds size


mds size

Product size : W24×D24×H157mm
Package size : W45xD25mmxH162mm
Product weight : 11g
Total weight (including packaging) : 24g

mds variation

Orange, Green, Red, White

mds mtral

Polypropylene heatproof temperature: 100 ℃
*Dishwasher-dryer available(String)

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 30.00


mds dpro

Atsuhiro Hayashi

Designer Comment : 
Imagine a spoon that is capable of sitting stably on top of the container after spreading the jam on the toast. A new way to enjoy your meal time with the unique design of a cute bird spoon that is easy to use.