Stainless Steel Hook

A reusable hook made of a unique suction sheet called 'Pitasheet' , which adheres well to smooth surfaces. Can be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and painted metallic surfaces (such as refrigerators)




- Installation instructions -

● Please remove any dust, dirt, oil or moisture from the wall mount. (Please do not use chemicals, fiber cloth or tissue paper)
● Please tear off the transparent film a the back of the product.  
※ Do not touch the adhesive side, if too much dust is accumulated, the strength of the adhesive will be reduced.
● Make sure that the position of the hook is facing straight up.
● Press down firmly on the entire hook.
● Please check the sides to make sure there the hook is firmly placed onto the surface and there are no gaps in between.
● Please use it after a period of at least 10 minutes .

 - Where can it be attached? -

● (refrigerator, washing machine, such as door) a smooth surface / glass with no irregularities, plastic, stainless steel, metal coating surface  

- Place that can not be used -

● Curved surface that has any kind of surface treatment (such as soil-release finish) or paintwork.
● Fluorine coat surface / fiber wall with irregularities, rough surfaces which tend to peel off (cloth wall), wallpaper, sand wall, earth wall, concrete or spherical walls.
● Do not place outdoors or in places with a high degree of humidity such as bathrooms
● Do not place near a place which projects extreme heat.
● Under direct sunlight or in areas where temperatures can go up to 40 ℃ or more. 

- Load capacity -

 1kg ( for reference only. Depends on the environment and the material of the mounting location. )





-Removal and reattachment-

1) Spray the base of the hook with water.
2) After letting it stand for about 2.30 minutes, please pull the hook slowly upward.
If it is still hard to pull up, please repeat steps 1 & 2.
Be careful and please do not try to remove it by force as there may be damage to the wall or you might get hurt.  
If the adhesive surface is dirty, wash the sticky side with running water and let it air-dry overnight.  
Then following the installation instructions above, please re-attach in your new location.
If there is still some moisture left, please dry it in a place with as little dust as possible.


Please do not hook anything fragile or valuable such as watches, mobile phones or glass products.  
There is a potential that you could scratch the floor surface if the product falls due to insufficient adhesion.
It is advisable to place proper protection on your floors.
To avoid damaging the wall when removing, please be careful and follow the instructions for Removal above.  


 Please avoid use in a location that might cause hurt or damage to a person or thing.


Hook-phot cl

mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W80×D80×H35mm
Package size : W110×D140×H36mm
Product weight : 57g
Total weight (including packaging) : 60g
Weight Limit: 1kg

mds variation

Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Stainless, White, Yellow

mds mtral

Pita Sheet, Stainless Steel

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 65.00) -50% RM 32.50


mds dpro

Hook-phot designer

Aya Sunaguchi

Designer Comment : 

In the past, I had damaged walls using conventional hooks and had been unable to use magnetic. I discovered this magical material just as i was talking about creating a more user-friendly hook, I hope this hook, with its mysterious suction power, will be of some use to you.