hana base

Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag.
As if you were to tear off real flower petals to make a pressed flower, peel off these note tag petals and use them for a bookmark or other label.

Place it in a pen stand to create a blooming flower. Each time you peel and post a petal, you are sure to feel a sense of calm.

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An ordinary sticky note might seem somewhat bland. Use the Hana fusion in the office or home to brighten your documents or as a pressed flower in the pages of your book.

When not in use, you can place the Hana fusen in a pen holder or around your table as decoration.

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hana o3

Available in blue, pink, purple and yellow.
Petals are translucent with 16 petals per flower.

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mds size

Hana Fusen

mds size


mds size

Product size : W66×D3×H267mm
Package size : W80×D7×H270mm
Product weight : 2g
Total weight (including packaging) : 4g

mds variation

Pink , Purple, Yellow, Blue

mds mtral

Material: Paper, wire rod, PP

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 20.00) -50% RM 10.00


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phot kurosawa

Natsuko Kurosawa

Designer Profile:

Born in 1979, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan After studying fashion and graphic design,she began work at a graphic design office.She began creating things in 2003 with theconcept that "work is finished when the user is pleased."

Designer Comment : 

As if you were tearing a real flower, with the turn of each petal label,a fun, yet delicate sensation is born.This sensation makes you think about appreciating the labels that we use so wastefully.Display them in a glass, keep them in your pen stand,flower labels that bring life to your day.Let them be a gentle presence in your daily life.