GOONY is your tray of remembrance. Throughout the day, you carry around a variety of objects - cellular phones, wristwatches, wallets, cardholders, keys and accessories - all of which you don't want to leave home without. Such necessities should be kept in a single place to help prevent you from leaving one behind.



Bend GOONY into a shape of your choice, and use it as your personalized tray of remembrance…





Goony-phot pkg

mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W72 × D261 × H12 mm
Package size : W80×D270×H20mm
Product weight : 185g
Total weight (including packaging) : 215g

mds variation

Brown, Green, Pink, White

mds mtral

Silicone, Core rod: Stainless steel

mds spec

Made in Japan

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(RM 68.00) -20% RM 54.40


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Goony-phot nemoto

Takafumi Nemoto

Designer Profile:

Having spent my high school years in Singapore, I was given the nickname "Pore ." This nickname is now my professional name as well. With the motto, "Pore over it," I am currently working in various genres―graphic, interior, etc.― with a focus on designing products. 2000: Began working by the name "Pore" 2002: Exhibited work through a public entry for the DESIGNER’S WEEK Professional Exhibition  2003: Exhibited work at DESIGNER'S BLOCK  2004: Graduated from the Nihon University College of Art, Department of Design, Industrial Design Course  2005, 2006: Exhibited work at 100% DESIGN TOKYO

Designer Comment : 

Conventional jewelry cases were designed to store accessories in a concealed box. However, if accessories were meant to be adorned and flaunted, isn't it a waste to hide them away in a box? This simple question is what inspired me to design a jewelry case that is meant to display its contents by wrapping, hanging or pulling jewelry through it―just as you would when you adorn yourself with it. Bend the ends to form different shapes for various uses. Not only can you place or hang your jewelry on it, but you can also use it for holding a pen or inserting a memo."GOONY" is more than just a tray―it's a metamorphic creature. How will you use yours?