Solar Lamp

The sunlight stored during the day emits soft light through the porcelain part.

The designer imagined drifting ice crossing a wide ocean. You can change the angle according to the position of the sun depending on the season and your location. Please turn off the lights and enjoy a relaxing time with stored sunlight. How long it will shine after a sunny day is something to look for.


You can charge with solar during day time. Please place it where the sunlight is strong.
Approximate charging time is about 6 to 12 hours under fine weather, depending on the weather.

You can change the angle of the appliance according to the position of the sun, which varies depending on your location and the season. *Cities with similar values of solar exposure angle during spring and autumn.

Please turn off other lights and enjoy a relaxing moment with the stored light from FLOE.

It is an object made of porcelain. Even when the weather is bad, you can charge it with the USB cable.


Main body – 1 pc. 1.5m long USB charging cable.
Charging via USB cable takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Includes Ni-MH batteries which can be charged approximately 500 times.

The lamp lits when switched ON. It automatically lights up when the surroundings become dark with the 'AUTO' function. While charging with cable, the charging lamp lights red and when it is fully charged, it goes off.

FLOE - User’s Manual (PDF)

The body is made using molding technology to form its delicate shape and fired at a high temperature to create a gloss like texture with transparency.


mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W170×D90×H146mm
Package size : W210xD130mmxH190mm
Product weight : 670g
Total weight (including packaging) : 800g

mds mtral

Porcelain, ABS
Porcelain Body x 1
Original USB Cable (1.5m) x 1
Ni-MH Battery x 3

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 430.00


mds dpro

安積朋子 / Tomoko Azumi 

Designer Comment : 
For charging with solar energy, you may start to move the lamp around and think “where and which angle will receive the sun best?” or “the location differs by season”. That may give you satisfaction by refining your sensitivity to your living environment. By raising awareness to these matters, it helps you realise that we live on a planet with limited resources, whilst the sun is there all the time.

Designer Profile : 
Born in Hiroshima in 1966. After having studied in Kyoto and worked in Tokyo, she has been living in the UK since 1992. After a partnership “AZUMI” (opened in 1995), she established her design office, the “t.n.a. Design Studio”. She has been working on exhibition installations and shop interiors, as well as product and furniture design and development – including furniture for the United Kingdom Supreme Court, and Ercol. Her works are in the permanent collections of several museums in the EU, including the V&A in London. She has also been teaching design in UK institutions including the Royal College of Art.