A woman emerges from the popular Cupmen series. 
Hence the name Cupwomen3

Wait a few minutes till the transition is complete, remove and enjoy your cup noodles. 


Cupwoman cheerfully looks up at you while waiting for your cup noodles to cook.


Cup Women: Green


Cup Women: Orange


Cup Women: Pink

- Notes for Use - 

Please do not bring it close to fire. 
Please do not pull or excessively bend. 
Not edible. 
Do not use a rough surfaced scrubbing brush to clean to avoid surface damage. 
Please do not put into dishwasher. 
Please do not leave in direct sunlight. 
Due to the nature of materials used, there may be a little unevenness in colouring.


- How to care -

Please wash it with a mild detergent.


mds size

CupWomen 3 - Cheerful

mds size


mds size

Product size : W62×D39×H44mm
Packaging size :  W100×D38×H140mm
Weight (product) : 11g
Total Weight (including packaging) : 16g

mds variation

Green, Orange, Pink

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 35.00) -50% RM 17.50


mds dpro

CupWomen3-phot designer

馬渕 晃/Akira Mabuchi 

Designer Profile:Born in 1972 from Tokyo Edogawa-ku. Graduated from Nihon University marine construction Engineering Master of after 1997, design office work. Started his career in 2009 as Akira Mabuchi Design. I try to design fun little day-to-day items, to make people happy. 

Designer Comment:Holding down the lid of your instant noodles with the provided sticker or some random stationery can be cumbersome and dull. CUPMEN was created from the desire to be entertained by someone while you wait for your noodles.