This may look like a potato chip...But it’s actually a shoehorn. Good for both sneakers and dress shoes. It conveniently fits into a breast pocket for you to carry around. Unfortunately, it is not edible.

Cute looking yet comfortable to use, this thin shoehorn slips easily between the shoes and feet. It is a shoehorn that you can carry with a sense of style or have it attached to your bag, wherever you go.


Also suitable for formal wear such as leather shoes and it slips in easily between your feet.

Due to its cute appearance, you can leave it on your desk and use it conveniently in your office as you slip from your indoor slippers to your shoes.

It provides those who have never used a shoehorn before a sense of uniqueness and style to carry it around as a useful accessory.

It fits into your pocket perfectly, allowing you to carry it anywhere.

Tying it to your bag give it a fresh look too!

Its unique curve and slim thickness makes it easy to slip in
and comfortable to use.

Made of strong (ABS) resin.

It didn't start off as a potato chip, but as I was considering a shape
that was compact and portable for a shoehorn, showhow,
I thought of a 'potato'.

Actual potato chips are a bit smaller.




Precautions for Use

- This product cannot be eaten. Make sure that small children do not put the partitions in their mouths.
- Avoid contact with flames or other places of high temperature.
- Please do not apply excessive force as it might break.
- Please do not pull the string when using.
- Do not use for anything other than the intended use.

Care and Cleaning

- Wipe clean with a soft cloth.


mds size


mds size


mds size

Product size : W53×D24×H69mm
Package size : W80xH110mm
Product weight : 8g
Total weight (including packaging) : 10g

mds variation

Fish Paste, Consommé

mds mtral

ABS, 100% Acryl (String)

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 23.00) -50% RM 11.50


mds dpro

Taku Omura

Designer Profile:
Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001.
After working in the design department of a hardware manufacturing company, I started oodesign focusing mainly on product design. We're constantly trying to incorporate new experiences and discoveries in our designs.

Designer Comment : 
While I was trying to come up with minimal design for a shoehorn, I realized that the shape is very similar to that of a potato chip. Contrary to its odd look, it's quite comfortable to use. You can attach it to your bag or conceal it, then deliberately make a show of pulling it out - could be a conversation starter.