Bird Hook
Silicone Hook

Toyama Design Competition Yasuo Kuroki Special Prize 2009

You can use the Bird Hook for many different things around the house. Hang hats and accessories around his neck, or stick notes and cards in his mouth. Lends an air of fun and ingenuity to a space.



Install it in the entranceway and leave your access card or keys on the bird hook.  Use the included wood screws or plasterboard nails to attach it to the wall.


Install it in the washroom to hold your toiletries.


Also hang towels on top of the bird hook.


Load capacity of this hook is 1kg. Because the hook itself is soft, you may not be able to hang heavy coats or fragile items on the Bird hook.



- Notes for use -

For use on the wall only, please do not install it on the ceiling surface.
Please do not forcibly bend the hook or hook base. Please do not overload the hook or hang anything breakable on it.
Please keep it out of reach of small children.
The beak is sharp so please install it at a height that small children cannot reach.
Please use up all the nails or screws provided.  

- How to care -

Wash with a soft sponge if dirty using a neutral detergent. After washing please dry it well.


mds size

Bird Hook

mds size


mds size

Product size : W105×D105×H45mm
Package size : W117×D117×H50mm
Product weight : 136g
Total weight (including packaging) : 178g

mds variation

Clear Water, Cloud Gray, Green Ocean, Orange Sun

mds mtral


mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 53.00) -50% RM 26.50


mds dpro

BirdHook-phot designer AUN2H4

Designer Profile:

Designs that combine surprise, "A" (pronounced “Ah”), with understanding, "Un" (pronounced “Oon”). Thus, “AUN.” Designs that evoke new emotions. Designs that you can empathize with. AUN2H4 DESIGN was established by a group of in-house and freelance designers in 2006 with the goal of creating these kinds of designs.

Designer Comment : 

One day while I was walking around town, I happened to see a crow with a plastic bag in its mouth and was struck by how cute a bird holding something in its mouth can be. I thought that having mischievous or helpful feathered friends in our daily lives could make every day a bit more fun. You can have the Bird Hook hold plastic bags, notes, or even accessories - how you use him is completely up to you.