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More than 20 million Animal Rubber Bands have been sold throughout the world since their introduction in 2002. And now we are proud to announce the addition of the "Farm" series. Based on a farm theme, this series includes 7 new animals: a horse and foal, a sheep and lamb, a cow and calf, plus an animal that could either be a sheepdog or a wolf, depending on your mood.  

The animal rubber band was announced for the first time in "NYGF/accent on design" held in New York in summer of 2002. In a memorable beginning an order was placed from New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  After its release in Japan, it was announced by "100%Design" of London, "Ambiente" of Frankfurt, "Maison & Objet" of Paris and in the main exhibitions internationally.

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The animal rubber band is not merely a rubber band with a cute form. "Super high tensile silicone" with a strength of more than 3 times of general silicone.  

This silicone is a new material made in collaboration with Japanese material makers, developers and producers.   Because of its durability, the animal rubber band lasts for a much longer time compared to ordinary rubber bands and can be reused many times.  

Furthermore it has a the heat-resistant temperature of 190 degrees Celsius and can be used in the microwave oven and even withstand boiling water. It also has a cold-resistant temperature of -40 degrees Celsius, which makes it able to withstand use in the refrigerator or freezer for extended periods of time.  

In addition to that, the animal rubber band silicone is non-toxic and is harmless to the human body if it were to be mistakenly placed in the mouth or ingested.

- Usage Notes -
(please keep the animals together as a set)

ilst 01

Please do not overwork them. It is so tiring
when you work for a long time, let them rest
and sleep.

ilst 06

Collect a bunch of animal friends and lets play!

 ilst 02

Do not pull further than the limit will allow as they could break.

 ilst 07

Use them to wrap gifts. It'll be a pleasant surprise when the gift is opened.

ilst 03

Even -40 degrees Celsius is nothing.

ilst 08

Convenient to carry around.

ilst 04

Stays in good shape even under strong heat (good to 190 degrees Celsius).

ilst 09

Because it is a friend, do not ingest! (the
silicone is safe, but please consult a doctor if you do accidentally ingest one)

ilst 05

Even if it gets tangled, it will be good as new with a few tugs.

※ Please do not use them as anything other than rubber bands.

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mds size

Animal Rubberband - Farm

mds size


mds size

7 pcs pack 
Product size : W31~50×H27~50mm
Package size : W64×H206mm
Total weight (including packaging) : 13g

Gift Box (28 pcs)
Product size : W31~50×H27~50mm
Package size : W85×D68×H27mm
Total weight (including packaging) : 40g

mds variation

Zoo, Pet, Dino, Farm

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Made in Japan

mds price

Flat Pack (RM 15.00) -40% RM 9.00
Gift Box (RM 23.00) -40% RM 13.80


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zoopet pho designer

Masanori Haneda & Yumiko Ohashi

Designer Profile:

The design unit known as Passkey Design was started in September of 1994. Based in Tokyo, it mainly deals with planning and development of product design. It has won awards in numerous design competitions. These Animal Rubber Bands were the brainchild of Passkey Design.

Designer Comment : 

“Rubber bands are useful, but they tend to be disposable. Why can't someone design rubber bands that people would become attached to and want to use for a longer period of time? That’s the concept behind these Animal Rubber Bands. When people remove one of these rubber bands, they'll be pleasantly surprised to see that it’s in the shape of an animal! They'll be sure to save such a unusual and surprising item!”