Akanbe base

A basket made of felt with a cute face as a handle. Use it as a room basket to store toys or magazines. It's sturdier than it looks. 
Fold it out to use as a play mat. The handle is made to look like a happy face and as you carry it around it looks like it is sticking out its tongue at you. Bring a little fun and sense of joy into your room with Akanbe.

Bring it outside too for a great day out!






G akanbe

mds size


mds size


mds size

Mat size (unfolded) : W1050 × D1000 × H3mm
Flat : W430 × D38 × H410mm
In use : W430 × D230 × H410mm
Weight : 370g

mds mtral

Felt (80% of polyester, rayon 20%),
Face (handle): styrene elastomer

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

(RM 230.00) -50% RM 115.00


mds dpro

Akanbe t hojo

Takashi Hojo

Designer Profile:

1969: Born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.
1991: Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University's Department of Design with a major in Design Management.
1991-2003: Worked at Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. In charge of home appliances, products for the elderly, etc.
2003-present: President of item-s design.Works extensively in various fields ―from traditional industries in rural areas to college lectures.

Designer Comment : 

A bucket-shaped basket that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Place a rug in it, or store children's toys―its use depends on your imagination. When expanded, it returns to being a single piece of cloth. But don't worry; it is very easy to assemble.The basket is sure to be delighted if its silly face brings you the slightest bit of joy. Who knows, it may even brighten your day!