Sky Heli
RM30.00 (Sold Out)
A fun helicopter that is powered by propeller and rubber band!
(RM 75.00) RM45.00
Draw, colour, or trace! These stone crayons will enhance creativity!
Coffee Press
RM50.00 (Sold Out)
At home or in the office, you can easily enjoy a good cup of coffee.
Tree Hook
Tree Hook
(RM 82.00) RM57.40
A fun and efficient way to hang bags and such!
Wing Plane Alpha
Wing PlaneAlpha
(RM 34.00) RM17.00
An origami-like airplane that is simple, flies well and goes crazy!
(RM 34.00) RM17.00
A boomerang plane that returns to you once you throw it.
Dot Flower Crayon
(RM 70.00) RM42.00
A beautiful crayon mosaic made ​​of various shades.
Dot Muses Crayon
(RM 70.00) RM42.00
The new colors inspired by the impressionist painter, 'Monet'.
Pencil Crayon
(RM 70.00) RM42.00
A 2mm pen tip that draws fine lines and details with ease. 12 assorted colours.
Wine Fresh
(RM 44.00) RM35.20
Prevents oxidation of wine by creating a vacumm inside the bottle.
Baby Color - Basic 12C
(RM 70.00) RM42.00
For the first time artists. Learn while having fun.
Baby Color - Pastel 6C
RM43.00 (Sold Out)
For the first time artists. 6 Assorted pastel colours.
Soda Fresh
(RM 34.00) RM17.00
Maintain the fizz in your fizzy drinks.
Pocket Kite was entered into a compact package, boneless kite.