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Polar Ice 
Silicone ice cube moulds

North & South Poles floating in your glass

Slowly, the ice melts, two penguins and a polar bear each adrift on a floating iceberg. These silicone moulds from monos, aside from producing adorable ice cubes, have a strong environmental message.

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polarice 02

The hope is for people to enjoy these shapes on a purely aesthetic level while also taking time to reflect on how global warming is causing the Arctic and Antarctic icecaps to recede.

Each box contains a Polar bear and Penguin mould.

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polarice 05

Filling the water  

Removing the ice                                                                        

 polarice ins 01

Fill water up to the inner line on the tray.

polarice ins 04 

Remove the ice tray from the freezer, and peel the edge of the container                 downward.                        

polarice ins 02 

Pinch or snap the knob on the bottom of the tray with a finger to remove any air bubbles.

 polarice ins 05

Carefully remove the ice while pushing the knob on the bottom. 

 polarice ins 03

Attach the lid, and freeze in the freezer.

 polarice ins 06

Float the ice in your favorite drink.


- Caution -

Always use clean water such as city water, mineral water or distilled water.
Always fill the specified amount of water into a room-temperature tray.
The tray may impart the smell of silicone. This will gradually disappear. If it is bothersome, boil the tray for several minutes.
In rare cases, the unique silicone properties or minerals in the city water may separate during freezing and appear as the ice melts. These are not harmful to the human body. If these are bothersome, use filtered water, or lightly rinse off the ice before using.
After using, wash and dry the tray carefully before storing.
Do not wash the tray with abrasive cleanser or brush. Doing so could damage the tray.
Do not pull the product, or use a knife on it. Doing so could damage the tray.
Do not wipe the product with thinner or benzene.
Always boil and disinfect the tray when using it after a long storage period.
Do not use this product for purposes other than making ice.

polarice 06

mds size

Polar Ice

mds size


mds size

Product size : ø 67.5 × 61 mm (each)
Packaging size : W138 × D70 × H65 (mm)
Total weight : 155g

mds variation

Polar bear and Penguin mould

mds mtral

Silicone resin (Temperature resistance: -40°C to 230°C)

mds spec

Made in Japan

mds price

RM 80.00 (Sold Out)