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Illustrated Chikuno Cubes

The Chikuno cube air purifier now comes embellished with intricate japanese style illustrations. Perfect as a display at home or in the office.

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The Chikuno cube with Makie comes in 3 different designs; Frog, Gold Fish & Gods of Wind & Thunder.

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The designs are painted in bright rich colours and creates
a slightly raised surface making the intricate illustrations pop. 

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What is a Chikuno Cube

The Chikuno Cube is a natural air purifier made from an ultra-fine powder of activated bamboo charcoal and clay minerals specifically from Kyoto. Don't be fooled by its size, because it has a tremendous effect to purify the atmosphere of any room in which it is placed.

The activated bamboo charcoal is a form of carbon that has been processed at a very high temperature to make the cube extremely porous.

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How does it work as an air purifier?  

If you look at the cross section of bamboo charcoal through a microscope, you can see that it has countless holes forming a structure like a cluster of intricate tubes. When the interior area of the holes are measured, it amounts to more than 300 square meters per 1 gram of charcoal, resulting in its excellent absorptive capacity.    

The Chikuno Cube was designed with this in mind and its micro-honeycomb structure helps amplify the surface area making this small cube able absorb odors in an enclosed space up to 17 square feet.

The cube is eco-friendly and can be used for up to one year. To refresh the cube, each month expose the cube to direct sunlight for six hours. This releases the absorbed odors and it is ready to reuse.

Winner of the Japanese Good Design Award, 2008

- Notes for use -

CHIKUNO CUBE is soluble in water so keep away from water or moisture.
This item is made of natural materials. So heavy impact will damage it. 
Keep it away from small children.
This item is nontoxic, but if it is put in your mouth or the splinter gets in your eyes, consult a doctor if necessary.
There is functionally no problem if there are small cracks or lacks on the surface. 
This item uses powder made of Bamboo charcoal, so charcoal powder might remain slightly in your hand when you touched it, or on the place where it was placed.

- Information & Maintenance - 

All of the materials used for this Banboo charcoal are natural. Therefor, there might be a little distortion in shape and size and weight might change a little by humidity and a climate.
Dry it in the sun for about 5 or 6 hours at least once a month after lightly wiping dirt off with a dry cloth or a brush. 

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mds size

Chikuno Cube with MAKIE

mds size


mds size

Product size : W41 x D41 x H41mm
Package size : W50 x D50 x H50mm
Total weight : 35g

mds variation

Frog, Gold Fish, Gods

mds mtral

Bamboo charcoal powder (ultrafine powder), Sepiorite, Binder

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Made in Japan

mds price

Makie (RM 105.00) -30% RM 73.50 House 1 (RM 180.00) -30% RM 126.00
House 4 (RM 490.00) -30% RM 343.00