Sky Heli

A fun helicopter that is powered by propeller and rubber band!

Up, up and away! Just rotate the propeller until firm and Sky Heli will fly high into the sky.

Just rotate the propeller clockwise, about 70 times or so.

When the propeller starts to spin, hold on to the helicopter until you feel it starting to elevate. Then let go.

To make it fly even higher, we have wounded the propeller more than 150 upto 180 times and it will fly as high as 10 meters. However, please ensure there are no people or animals surrounding you to avoid injuries.
Like a piece of stone from the roadside, nature becomes your canvas therefore you can enjoy colouring freely and naturally. The only kind in the world.

(*Note that the rubberbrand may snap if you wind it over 200 times).


mds size

Sky Heli

mds size


mds size

Packaging size : W145xH350mm
Product size: W280×D20×H320mm
Weight (per piece) :15g
Total Weight : 28g

 mds mtral

Styrene (Main Body), ABS resin (Propeller),
Wooden Rod, Thread Rubber,
Metal Wire (Propeller Shaft), Rubber Band.

mds spec

Made in China

mds price

RM 30.00